Responsibilities of the student
The relevant section of the IB Programme standards and practices document states that students should have opportunities to choose their own CAS activities and to undertake activities in a local and international context as appropriate. This means that, as far as possible, students should “own” their personal CAS programmes. With guidance from their mentors/advisers, students should choose activities for themselves,
initiating new ones where appropriate.
Students are required to:
• self‑review at the beginning of their CAS experience and set personal goals for what they hope to
achieve through their CAS programme
• plan, do and reflect (plan activities, carry them out and reflect on what they have learned)
• undertake at least one interim review and a final review with their CAS adviser
• take part in a range of activities, including at least one project, some of which they have initiated themselves
• keep records of their activities and achievements, including a list of the principal activities undertaken
• show evidence of achievement of the eight CAS learning outcomes.

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