Reflections May 2016

Creativity: DKF, Visual Arts

Action: Swimming

Service: Scouting


When it comes to service, I am still a scout, but in March I have started a course to take full responsibility of girls, also I have been planning a summer camp with their help since January. We have regular meetings during weekends. My goal for this year’s action was to learn every swimming style. It was archived, but I still need to practise the technique and work on my speed. I attend swimming lessons twice a week for an hour. Both film club and Visual Arts are every week for two hours. At the end of this school year, we are going to the festival of short movies, which we will be watching for four hours. After watching some movies the topic of ethical implications arises, especially when we watched „Žywie Bielrus” about the reality in that country. Watching movies is not the only activity that we do during this club, because for last couple of meetings, we did the card game based on the movies that we’ve watched. During the Visual Arts lessons, I am making my own art, which is a challenge for me, because at the beginning of this year I was to afraid that it wouldn’t be good enough that I didn’t do it.

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  1. Good job!
    I need evidence from your girl scout group.
    Could you, please, write more information what you do in scouting: what is your role, what kind of activities you join/prepare according to Learning Outcomes. Keep going.
    Don’t you think of little change in Action?

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