December 2016 Reflections by Anna Kłeczek


CAS activities:

CREATIVITY: I continued attending Spanish classes completing the course. I have stared an art course in order to learn to draw properly for this might be a useful skill in the future. I also participated in a baking class.

ACTION: I have been attending group fitness to improve my shape as such activity is very motivational. Soon after I have realized that exercising without any guidance might be harmful and eventually decided to cooperate with a dietitian, with whom
I have worked ever since in a weekly manner.

SERVICE: I have continued my work at the Home for the elderly, where I have been trusted with new responsibilities. It was particularly difficult to change my service activities but I have terminated my work at the Home and signed a contract with a hospice for children Alma Spei.


Outcome 2: I have decided to face my biggest concern and attempt at living a healthy lifestyle.
Outcome 6
: In Poland the society is most certainly aging and the number of elderly people, who are no longer cared for by their families is rising. It is particularly important for Homes such as the Dom Pomocy Społecznej w Krakowie to continue cooperating with volunteers. For the residents’ life consisting of a fixed routine might become monotonous. New people are necessary to simply reduce the residents’ isolation for the outside world.


The second year of the IB course appeared much more difficult than the first one. Since October we have had considerably more work with our Internal Assessments and the Extended Essay. Having taken four Higher Level Subjects I have definitely felt the pressure of time. I have slowly realized that I might have to compromise and put a hold on some of my activities such as languages to focus on schoolwork more. I have learnt that life is often about setting realistic goals rather than undertaking challenges one is not able to deal with from the start. I believe the trick is not to give up on one’s dreams even if they will take more time than expected. Following this philosophy have decided to take up Spanish again after the exams not to put my academic achievements on the line. I have on the other hand, looked at the practical side of Creativity, Action, Service and decided to change its direction towards my desired university course. Knowing that I would like to become a doctor one day I have decided to take an art course to learn to draw, which will be useful in my anatomy courses in the future. I managed to find a workshop, which allowed me to adjust my hours to my weekly amount of homework as long as I attend every week.

I have also changed the direction of my Activity section of CAS. Having achieved my goal of having taking the second SITS snowboarding exam much earlier than expected left me with
a question as to what my new goal is. At first I was convinced that it would be best to simply exercise regularly to remain in shape but it didn’t take me much time to realize that I needed guidance in this matter and decided to start a weightless regimen. I started consulting with
a dietitian weekly, with whom we adjusted my training and diet.  I have always struggled with the pressure of being overweight but this was for me an entirely new way of approaching the problem. For now I think that it was a great decision to seek guidance and confront my worst complexes. Even though it is a constant struggle, it has become easier with time to sacrifice temporary welling for tong term benefit of being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Over the summer break I‘ve had considerably more time to engage in my Service activities.
I worked at the Home more often, organizing new activities for the residents. I assisted in organizing art classes for the residents, where they could spend Saturday mornings. I have also been on a field trip with the residents. I have found that the more I became involved with the Home, the more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. The field trip, especially made me realize that caring for someone may be an incredibly difficult task. One must consider all the vulnerabilities of the other person and look out for the as best as they can. In time I have really grown close to the residents, with whom I have worked most and thus it was very difficult to terminate my cooperation with them.  During my work at the Home I have gained experience caring for others and I realized that I at last feel confident doing it. I have decided to look for a new service activity that would allow me to care for people, who need assistance. Eventually I began my cooperation with Alma Spei, a Hospice for children in terminal condition. I hope that what I have learned already has prepared me for what it takes to work with children.

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