December 2015 Reflections by Anna Kłeczek


Anna Kłeczek

CAS activities:

CREATIVITY: I have been attending Spanish classes two days each week (each time 1h and 40 minutes) and attending German classes (1 hour each week) for my goal
in my lifetime is to speak at least 5 languages fluently.

ACTION: I have been attending swimming classes every week (1 hour) to improve my swimming skills. Since the season had begun I have been snowboarding three days to sort of begin my preparation for the course I’ve decided to take this year – more
in reflection.

SERVICE: I’ve taken part in the VisMUN conference in Cracow as a volunteer.


CAS in the first semester taught me that I have to work on my time organizing skills
and within the activities I have to take into consideration the type of activities I have (outcome 1). I have also stepped out of my safety zone by deciding to take a snowboarding course, which is followed by an exam, the first milestone on the path to becoming
an instructor. It’s always been my dream to help other people discover this phenomenal sport. (outcome 2)


I can see room for improvement in the way I have organized my CAS especially when it comes to working out my weekly schedule, which I’ve found extremely difficult. I make it
a challenge for myself to work on my time organization and make sure that all the way through IB, I manage with both school activities and CAS at the same time developing my interests. I shall start with changing my action for one, that will help me deal with poor bodily coordination, and make me more fit for the snowboarding season. Swimming classes did not turn out as beneficial as expected for I have already had advanced enough abilities and developing them further would require much more time than I can afford. My poor time management affected my service activities as well because I haven’t managed to distribute them equally every week. I shall work on that as well. On the other hand I’ve gained a new experience during the VisMUN conference. First of all I was proud to represent Cracow as the organizer of the event. Furthermore, I have achieved my goal of finding out, what such a conference looks like so I can participate as a delegate one day. Participating
in the debates, reminded me how important it is to speak as many languages as possible to be able to defend one’s point or seek compromise globally. I’ve made it my personal ambition
to learn at least five languages fluently, but in this area progress comes slowly.

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