CAS reflections May 2016


I’ve been attending the film discussion club in our school regularly for the whole year. Many times, it suprised me how different a perception of a film might be depending on a person, their views and past experiences.

I’ve started taking more and more pictures with my analog cameras and then developing them myself. It is a great practise  for me- I always have to think before pressing the shutter button, adjust the shutter speed and the exposure value, depending on the light conditions. The experience of working with analog camera is incomparable to digital photography. There is always the uncertainty of whether the picture will turn out to be good or not and the excitement during the process of developing a photo.


I’ve been attending yoga classes since March. At first I didn’t enjoy them much, but at the end of every class there was always the relaxation part when I felt really calm and relieved. After all, yoga was an interesting experience, but I came to the concusion, that I’d rather think of some other activity involving action.


I have participated in the organisation of some of the  „Queer May 2016” festival events, including the Equality March in Krakow. It was a wondeful experience that made me more aware of the issues within the LGBTI+ community such as homelessness, which affects a large part of queer youth. During the preparation of the festival, the atmosphere was great. It might have been a little stressful at times, because there was a pressure put on everyone to do  the best they can, but I was surrounded with very kind and open people and I really enjoyed my time there. The festival made me understand the importance of visibility of the LGBTI+ people. I realised that intolarance and hatred towards the community is often a matter of the lack of knowledge and ignorance.

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