Katarzyna Żurawska,



At the beginning of last year I started going to Młyn fitness to attend yoga classes with miester Wojciech. After two months I’ve stopped to focus more on my dancing. Dance is something I love and I want to do for a long time.
I started attending Fantom’s popping classes in winter 2015. They are every Thursday at 7 PM in Wisła stadium. Fantom was a person who showed me Kraków from dancing side. Sometimes on Mondays I go to XXX high school, which is dancing school, because they share their practice space with dancers from Kraków. They let us go in between 7 and 10 PM. There we can practise by ourselves, but I often go there with Bartek Maślak, who is much older and more experienced than me. He tells me what to do and shows me new things I can develop in my dancing. Sometimes I meet there Aryna, who is house instructor, and she shows me bases of house style. Everyday, from Monday to Frinday between 6 and 8 PM, we have access to space in Saltrom (salezjański ruch pomocy mlodzieży). I go there at least 2 times a week.

I got to know how to travel via dancing. I went to Warsaw for dance workshops by Boogaloo Frantic. It raised my awareness of my own body and ways I can use it. I met many new people and made new friends. Some of them in future will result in taking part in competitions 2 vs 2. I found people I want to dance along and some that I would like to fight with.

This year I will go to the biggest festival of dance in Europe – Summer Dance Forever 2017. Maybe I will even take part in battles:)

On Tuesdays, before I go practise I am a volunteer at Saltrom. I felt grateful that they let us use practise space, so I asked how can I help them. They told me that they were looking for tutors. Now, once a week (Tuesday, 5 PM.) I go to Saltrom and help Weronika, who is 4th grade student with English. She is really hard to teach, because she doesn’t like English. Anyway our classes have a visible results so it makes me proud and happy.
I am also a part of SMR group. The leader is Katarzyna-Szoch Jędrys. Group was created to raise the awareness of how to perform first aid and not be scared to intervene when someone needs help. We go to schools and have classes on this topic.

Self-development is really important for me. Most of my free time I spend dancing, but when I don’t I usually practise my drawing and painting skills. I attend visual art classes, so I have to make at least 3 sketches per week. I also spend time investigating instagram accounts of artists I like or reading i-Dvice, all the news about art and fashion. I often make over my clothes, take pictures and bake.

CAS programme taught me how not to waste my free time. At the beginning I was tired with the need to do something when I didn’t study. I had to go to dance classes, I had to to service, I had to draw so many sketches. Later I realised that when I don’t do those things, it is boring. I started to love dancing and practise every single day. I started to enjoy progress of Weronika and our trips to schools with SMR group. Also when I get home after a harsh day, I go into my room and think „let’s do something creative or productive” then I actually start doing something. There is no moment in which I think that my life has no meaning or I have nothing to do. There is always something and it makes me really happy.

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