CAS Reflections Sylwia Nowińska


Because I’ve always been interested in theatre I decided to start my own acting/theatre group together with my friends. We’ve been supervised by our drama club teacher from middle school and have been practicing once a week, on Sundays per 1-2 hours. Thanks to Podkarpackie Stowarzyszenie Głuchych (Subcarpathia Deaf-mute Association), who provided us with a practice room, we had the opportunity to cooperate with the Sign Language Theatre.

When it comes to the theatre rehearsals the most challenging part was to write a play script for a comedy show. It took a lot of work to complete it and make it funny, but not silly. Besides practicing the play we took some improvisation classes with our teacher. Moreover, thanks to the whole experience of the cooperative work with the Sign Language Theatre I learned the sign language alphabet and some basic words.

After rehearsals, me and my friends have been helping with work such as cleaning in the Podkarpackie Stowarzyszenie Głuchych building. We were also sending advertising e-mails for them and handing out leaflets. Because we did the work for free it is my Service.

The whole experience of both theatre group and cooperation with Podkarpackie Stowarzyszenie Głuchych was fun and challenging. I would love to continue this kind of work next school year but find myself new goals, like starting sign language course additionally and organize a fundraising action.


Firstly, I signed up for the individual pilates classes, an hour per week on Saturdays. Since I have spine problems I was even more motivated to try this kind of exercising. It was a challenge for me because I’ve never been very flexible. Currently I can really see that I’ve improved a lot, stretching is not that hard for me anymore. I’ve also tried different types of exercises, for example ones with a fitness ball or stretching bands. I’ve been doing pilates for the whole school year and I am going to continue it. I also go to the gym 2 times a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

In the winter, I attended 8 3-hour snowboarding classes to improve my freestyle. I’ve learned a couple of new tricks and attended an all-mountain competition. Definitely, my biggest achievement in snowboarding this year was a freeride in the woods, which I completed in 30 minutes time. When it comes to snowboarding I also attended an instructor pre-course with my snowboarding teacher since I’m going to take an actual instructor course next year.

During the summer vacation I’m also going to start learning new skateboard tricks and record them.

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  1. As action I’ve been swimming every Saturday. I chose this discipline because swimming has always been my thing. I’ve been swimming since I was a little kid. During school year I wanted to become even better at this sport. I’ve been working for months to achieve the perfect timing. To be honest, I haven’t reached my desired time. This means, that I still have things to work on. I hope that in the nearby future, I will achieve this.
    My second goal was to build a quite good core. Two years ago, I stopped doing ballet. This decision changed my physical strength. In September I noticed that I am a lot weaker. I was unable e.g to dance for six hours straight. Sometime ago, it was a usual thing for me to do. This made me start working out regularly. I must admit that after I am quite satisfied with my overall performance. To be honest, I really want to hit the pool more often. During summer I am going to visit the pool every day. I believe that once a week is just not enough for me.

    At first I’ve been participating in extra Visual Arts lessons. At the beginning of the school year I was on Economics HL. Thanks to this CAS component, I realised that Economics is not for me. After about three months of extra Visual Arts classes – I decided to switch subjects. I made a decision to go Visual Arts instead of Economics. To be honest, it was the best decision I ever. Now I am studying things I really passionate about. I still continue to do some weekly additional sketches. In November I started creating notes in a form of mind maps.I am planning to expand this idea and create a CAS project out of it. I want to create a series of posters that would be posted online. These pieces would explore several subject present in the IB system. I also decided to study calligraphy on my own. Since, we live in the era of technology, these old, traditional ways start to disappear. I believe that we should do everything in order to preserve calligraphy. How I do it? Well, I usually download some templates and try to replicate them. I see some progress in this field. The more I practice, the better I get.

    I would also like to mention the exchange that our class (DP1) had with a school in Gjøvik, Norway. During this trip we made several little CAS things in collaboration with Norwegian students. One of the things that we did was a presentation about Biomimicry. I think that this experience gave us an insight how to properly work in a group.

    The last component of CAS is service. At first I’ve been working with a group of children at Academos primary school. I’ve been trying to help them out a little with their English. We’ve been doing some extra exercises. I was there to check if they did their homework properly, etc. This service at Academos taught me that it is extremely hard to work with a couple of kids at the same time. That is why I decided to start working with one kid at a time. I found a lady that was looking for someone to teach her baby daughter English. I called her and offered my help. I’ve been doing this service since December. I need to admit I am really satisfied with teaching this girl. She is keen to learn. I recently discovered that the best method to teach new words is through some catchy songs. She really likes to sing and enjoys these exercises a lot.

    In January, I took a part in the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. I gathered 352,02zł for this charity.


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