CAS Project Reflections by Anna Kłeczek

Goods collection for puppies

CAS Project Reflections

The goods collection we organized has certainly been successful. These words may not mean much to some. For a student it is just another project out of the way. For the International Baccalaureate Organization it is just another students’ project completed at last. And yet, everything depends on the point of view. For the puppies our project was an opportunity to live the days to come in prosperity, waiting for their new owners to claim them and make them family.

We have collected almost 14 kg of dog food consisting mainly of wet foods, which are preferable for young animals. We also managed to collect numerous toys for young dogs and packets of sanitary pads, which the shelter was most concerned with. Money for further needs was not collected, but the account information was distributed in case one pleased to contribute to the puppies’ upbringing. The importance of this project is beyond a simple money collection because it responds to current needs of the animals concerned. I believe that being vigilant towards the surrounding world is vital to maintain the wellbeing of our society.

Our team cooperated swiftly in designing the posters, displaying them and transporting the goods. The single concern we had was how to reach young adults and teenagers and show the importance of our cause. Even though we have used the dogs’ pictures and described the situation to the students it wasn’t possible to bring such young animals to school. Perhaps that would have made the slightly more sensitive to the needs of others.

Our project was in fact only an extension of the original goods collection, which was advertised by the KTOZ. Having found the S.O.S. call that help was needed on social media
I initiated contact with the shelter. For me its most rewarding aspect is the reassurance that cooperation, and by that I mean different people and various institutions working together, can empower individuals. Being responsible for the communication with the shelter representatives, I have also found it heartwarming that our offer to make the puppies the concern of our project was received with much enthusiasm and kindness. My only hope is that each of the puppies will find a loving family to bond with.

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