As a part of my CAS program, I was obliged to organize a project which had to be a charity event. Together with  my friend, we decided to help the local artist, Wudec, who was struggling with financial problems after organizing music events. Artists and institutions from around the Poland were raising money for him to continue his artistic career. I have been a part of MOJO/POJO group which organized music event around whole Cracow and after some discussion, we decided to dedicate one strictly for Wudec. During this party, entry fees were collected only to help our friend. Many local artists and musicians showed up and decided to perform. This allowed us to collect equivalence of 900 zł. Such project allowed me to become engaged with issues of global importance and at the same time I had to work collaboratively with other.

Which learning outcomes I completed?

Working collaboratively with others.

Engaged with issues of global importance.

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