CAS Project „Puppy SOS” – reflections

I had many ideas about what I would like to do for my project but in the end I’ve decided to respond to a calling for help from Association of care over animals in Cracow (Krakowskie Towarzystwo Ochrony nad Zwierzętami). It seemed for me best to base my project on an actual need. I knew what I had to arrange, the challenge was how to do it in order to have the best results.

I collaborated with a friend from my class and a younger girl. Animal shelter in Cracow received 8 puppies and had difficulties with taking care of them. They needed food, toys, snacks, puppy diapers. We’ve decided to organize a collection of these things at school. In order for the students and teachers to know about the action, we’ve created a poster and printed some leaflets to hand out. We’ve also walked around the classes to connect better with the students, talk about the situation (why are we collecting these things, who will receive it, why is this important). We’ve called the action „Puppy SOS” which served as a headliner for the poster and leaflets. I have provided a copy of these below.

Puppy SOS /poster/

The action lasted for 3 weeks. We’ve also informd about the possibility to donate money for the Association or even adopt one of the puppies. Despite the fact that many people appeared interested in adoption, in the end nobody actually decided. I felt quite disapointed about this, I thought that someone will be able to take care of at least one.

Nevertheless, I believe that the collection ended up to be a succes. We’ve collected over three big bags of food, snacks and toys for the puppies. We’ve then gathered everything and transported it to the headquarters of the Association. As a way of saying „thank you” we’ve received a small card with the warmest words of gratitude on them.

Throughout the action I felt really good, the awarness of doing something that is actually making a change is the reward for any help offered. The most satisfying moment was of course in the end, during the gathering of the things and the meeting with the members of Association. But the truth is that I also had a lot of fun creating the poster, I trained myself a bit in using Photoshop which is always great 😉

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