1. What have I done during last three months?



Since writing the last reflection I achieved new skills and goals in terms of my creativity. Last year my oxford debates team won third place in local, state tournament. This year, after analyzing our mistakes we were able to win the same competition. I have been working with my coach 3 times a week for 1,5 hour and this allowed me to improve my speaking skills.


This part of my CAS activities has been the most diversified. It has been caused by my small injury which happened during freestyle camp. To continue improving my stamina I decided to practice crossfit. This discipline involves using my own body to maximizing my fitness abilities.


Till the end of DP1 I have been strongly involved in SALTROM community. My job was to help small kids with their homework and to advise them how to learn more efficiently. At the very beginning of DP2 my service activity has been changed. I became vice president of school student’s council. During the whole year whole board organized many project on the ground of the school.

  1. Which learning outcomes I completed?

Increased awareness of strengths and areas of growth

Showing perseverance and commitment

Consideration of ethical implications

  1. Why I completed mentioned learning outcomes?

Since writing the last report many things changed. I had to stop practicing freestyle skiing due to damaging  ACL in my knee and at the same time, I had to adapt to the new function in school’s student’s council. Such scenario forced my to develop new skills and that is why I think my awareness of strengths and areas of growth increased. As the DP2 class started I had to study more and to concentrate on organizing my knowledge. This resulted in lack of time and constant tiredness. Showing perseverance and commitment was crucial during this time to continue my CAS activities. While working with kids at SALTROM community I had to understand their problems, because many of them were struggling with learning disabilities. This gave me a chance to develop new perspective about problems of other people. I discussed those ethical issues with my advisor in the SALTROM community.

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