CAS final reflections

For me, CAS was really helpful in various ways – especially when it comes to the “service” part. The activities I’ve been doing for creativity and action were mostly things I was interested in anyway, but the idea of doing the service ones probably wouldn’t occur to me if it wasn’t for CAS. I would probably just think that I don’t have time for them anyway, or that I can help others in a different way. Some IB students feel pressured into doing things because of CAS, but for me it was just an excellent opportunity to take up activities I wouldn’t even think of doing otherwise. I feel like I’ve developed in various areas – I had the chance to work on my individual skills, but also to improve my ability to work with others. I had the opportunity to engage myself in various physical activities – I went to the gym, did yoga, archery – this allowed me to try out different disciplines and discover my strengths that can be developed, as well as my weaknesses that can be eliminated. I took part in various events and activities which allowed me to work on my creativity and personal skills, such as language classes (Japanese and Korean), a movie club, a math club, occasional fundraising events which required some creative input, such as making Christmas decorations which were sold to raise money for charity. Other activities connected to service that I did were, for example, volunteering in an animal shelter, helping prepare activities for children from disfunctional families and taking part in creativity classes for children in primary school.

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