The concept of CAS changed my life. This short sentence explains, what I really think about this part of IB Diploma Program. After two years of diversified activities I am 100% sure that my world perseverance became more sensitive and wise. To explain that I have to give a short description of my CAS activities.

For Creativity I was a member of my school’s oxford debates team. During last two years, together with my friends, we attended  four tournaments. Such experience gave me a amazing opportunity to improve my speaking skills. Right now I able to communicate with other people in more fluent and clear way. Debate after debate my confidence increased and this resulted in winning local high school cup in Cracow. I have to add that every debate was connected with hours of preparations and discussions. I value them the most, because  without them I would not be able to exchange thoughts with my very cleaver teammates. Additionally I am sure that friendships created during mentioned tournaments will last for ages.

Activity part was the hardest one for me. Before starting IB Diploma Program I was a part of the best freeski club in the whole country. This discipline involves skiing on previously prepared slope, which contains consecutive jumps and different obstacles. At the very beginning of DP1 I managed to connect intensive practices (5 hours per week) and tons of homework. I even have to say that I achieved some new tricks, like frontflip and cork 720. When summer 2016 came I became injured stopped and I had to stop practicing freeskiing. After extensive tests and consultations it became clear that my ACL is partly broken. To continue improving my stamina and to reach new milestones in the process of rehabilitation I decided to start practicing crossfit for beginners (5 hours a week). Such change allowed me to try new thing and to get new perspective in terms of other sports. I found it very interesting, because previous monotony disappeared and  every time when I attended crossfit classes my coach showed me new techniques and exercises. After summer I came back to my regular freeski schedule ( practices 5 hours a week) , but due to lack of balance and confidence I never rebuild me previous abilities. Till the end of IB Diploma Program I was attending regular practices of my club in professional gym, where I was able to jump on trampolines and learn new gymnastic evolutions. Those two years showed me that I never should be closed to new possibilities. Experience of crossfit classes allowed my to find new friends and in the future I think I will come back to this discipline.

The service part of CAS program was very fascinating for me. I have to say that at the very beginning it was not easy for me to find activity which suited me, but after some time I decided to help at the SALTROM community. This organization is responsible for providing help to kids who are suffering with poverty, family problems and bad grades at school. I was responsible for working with primary school kids and helping them with their homework. Such experience was very important for me, because I understood that I have to be very patient in my life. Additionally I have to say that observing the development of my student’s skills was very fascinating. During the DP2 year I decided to change my service activity. I became vice president of student’s council in my school. During the whole year our whole team was responsible for changing the school’s status, we introduced gender equal policies. Additionally we decided to design hoodies of our school. This fact was connected with organizing a contest for the best hoodie design. At the end of our cadency we managed to introduce eco-friendly rubbish bins at every hallway. Being a part of student’s council in my school showed me how to cooperate with other people and how to organize them into working team. I find it very useful because in the future I want to become a doctor and such skills are very demanded in this profession.

To conclude, I want to say that CAS is very important. I had my ups and downs, but at the end I have to say that I found it very interesting. During last two years I met many interesting people, I managed to improve my oratory skills and at the same time I was responsible for doing something good for the global community.


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